No football this Saturday

There will be no football on Easter Saturday.
We’ll be back on the Saturday after (10th April) to help you run off that Easter egg chocolate.

Happy Easter ! We’ll see you soon.


Just seen the post below

Correction – football is off.
Just seen the post below. (who was that?)

Football is on today

It’s a bit cold but not as bad as it looks.

Football is Off Today

Hi all, just had a call from Mark (thanks Mark) who has decided to call off the training for the U-6’s, I feel that based on his prognosis we should cancel the U-5’s too, so as far as I’m concerned it’s off.

Thanks all and see you next week!

Football is on today

Passing and shooting is the theme.

Football is on today

See you there.

Everton Academy

Warm Up

They started with a warm-up without balls – short sprints, jumping over mini-hurdles etc.

They did a similar thing to our run-around with ball, do something when I blow my whistle game except:

  • they demarcated a large square to keep the kids inside,
  • if you went outside of the square you lost a life
  • absolutely no handling the ball to stop it
  • started by getting the kids to do ‘their best tricks’ (though none had any)
  • on whistle blow, one variation was to make the kids dribble to a particular colour cone at the edge of the grid
  • on whistle blow, dribble slowly, next whistle do it quickly

Pass/Attack/Defend game

  • Uses just one ball.
  • Imagine a mini football pitch with 2 lines of kids on either end of the half-way line, facing each other
  • Kid at front of one line kicks the ball to first child one other line.
  • As the receiver controls it the kicker sets off to tackle him
  • The receiver tries to score
  • If the tackler gets the ball he can score
  • You can score in either goal

Mini-football match

  • again the difference was that they had a marked out pitch
  • if the ball went out it was a throw in
  • if behind the goal, keepers ball.